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**💥  Lucky 13 (Cookies & Cream #13 x Blueberry Bang Bang)  💥**

**Mother:** Cookies & Cream #13
**Reversal:** Blueberry Bang Bang
**Family:** 60/40 Hybrid
**Sex:** Feminized
**Growing Conditions:** Multi Topped Bush/Sea of Green
**Height:** Medium
**Flowering Time:** 56 Days
**Yield:** Very Heavy

**Description:** The legendary Cookies & Cream cut gets the slaparooni from Blueberry Bang Bang in this monster clash of vintage giants! The Cream 13 is not only a multi flower cup winner, but also holds more than 20 Cups for her absolutely powdered glass looking hash that bears a crazy creamy fruit loop like taste and aroma! She was unbeatable for many years in the circuit but she’s back now to team up with the sour blueberry of the Bang Bang! The results yielded medium sized plants that grew like beautiful little christmas trees with dense full size egg nuggets everywhere. The uniformity in this variety was pretty spot on and most plants were very similar in look and structure. However in the terp department there were a few outliers ranging anywhere from creamy to fruity sour blue. My favorite though of the bunch, pictured below, has the nicest, smoothest blueberry cookie smell that reminded me of a fresh baked blueberry muffin topped with cool whip. Very unique and unlike anything I’ve seen, get yourself ready for this Lucky 13!!!

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